Casino Payment Methods

You know the routine. You get to the casino and play a few rounds in demo mode. Then it’s time to play for real money and you just don’t know where to begin. Can you trust the various payment methods? How in the world would you know what payment method to use? Where do you begin? Never fear, the pokies online casino payments are nowhere near as complicated as some people think that they are. There are oodles of various casino payment methods and each of them offers people a way to quickly and easily pay for the games they want to play. The methods aren’t all the same – and this is part of the beauty of it because it means that each person can select a method that works best for him and his needs. Here, you’ll see what some of these methods are all about and learn about how to use them. And hopefully you’ll be able to put any fears or worries that you have behind you.

Online and Mobile Choices

As you look at the casino payment methods, it’s important to know that some of them can be used for both online casino payments and mobile pokies casino payments, while others are specific for one type of gaming or another. You can read about each of these methods – they are very easy to find online – and then you can figure out which type of best for you. It’s always a good idea to ask people that you know as well and to see what methods they have used and which they recommend. When you hear from other people who have easily been using their credit card or Neteller or whatever it is for years, it will allay your fears and allow you to get started with the method that works best for you.

Prepaid Cards

Now, perhaps the easiest way to start playing is with a system like Neosurf that has prepaid cards. This is the most anonymous way to be able to play. You buy a card that has a set value on it, whether it’s $50 or $100 or another currency. Then, you tell the casino where you want to play that you are using this payment method and you offer up the pin code that is on the back of the card. You then have that amount of money with which to play. One of the major advantages to this type of payment method is that it’s completely and totally anonymous. There are no pin numbers to remember, no names to give and no worries about using too much money. You know exactly how much you have to use and you use the card at your leisure. These make great gifts as well. You can always have one around the house just for those times when you want to play and you’ll have it there to offer you that entertainment.

Credit Cards

Now, you can use your credit card to pay for the casino time that you want to enjoy. You use it just like you use it for anything else you might pay for online or on your mobile. The payment will be a line item that you’ll see on your credit card bill and you’ll be able to very easily keep track of the payment. This is a great and very easy way to play and you don’t have to sign up for anything new.

NeoSurf Casino Payments

Another great way to pay for the games you love to play at Pokies Online Casino is NeoSurf. The beauty of NeoSurf and the reason that people love using this method so much is because it’s completely anonymous. The way that it works is that you go to one of the thousands of locations where they sell the NeoSurf cards and you purchase your card with cash. You’ll then have a ten digit number on the NeoSurf card and that’s the number that you input when you get to the casino site. You can buy anywhere from 10-200 euro worth of money and the casino will then register how much you have when you input the ten digit code. The things that people love so much about this system is that it’s incredibly easy and it’s completely anonymous. You won’t have to remember any passwords or log into any banking program. You don’t have to think about your pin code or remember how you want to transfer money. And you won’t have to share your personal information or worry about your identity. For all of these reasons, NeoSurf is a great way to pay for the games you love to play!

Neteller and Similar Programs

A program like Neteller and many other payment options serve as a middle man. Basically, you create an account with them and create a user name and password, etc. You then transfer funds to Neteller or the other company and then those funds get moved to the casino of your choice when you pay and designate that you are using their system. This is also an easy way to play and enjoy. It has a few added steps since you have to create an account and log into it when you want to deposit money; you have to move your money to them and then to the casino, etc. But it’s a very smooth process and many people around the world use these service to enjoy their casino playing.

Paypal and Bitcoin

Of course, these are also interesting ways to pay for the games you love to play. Not all casinos accept these payment methods, however, and it’s important to check out if the place you want to play accepts them. Paypal works as a middle man of sorts, allowing you to deposit money there and then move that money into the casino sites of your choice. Your wins can be redeposited back at Paypal, making it a seamless experience. Bitcoin is one of the hottest new cryptocurrencies around and is a worldwide payment system. It is the first of all of the decentralized digital currencies and it works with a central bank. For anyone who already has a bitcoin account or who really wants to get into the future of currency, this might be a creative way to invest and to play.

All of these methods, including many others like eco payz, purplepay, scrill and more are great options for casino fun. Each person should look into the various choices and decide what will best work for his interest and needs and then rest assured knowing he’s made a good decision that will offer safe and easy money management for casino playing.