Merkur Gaming

Not as many people know about Merkur gaming as know about some of the other big companies. And yet, Merkur pokies are just as awesome and the many games that they create just as enticing. So who is Mercur and why don’t we know about them as much as we do others? Mercur gaming includes more than 150 games, many of which are available with the online websites.

The Mercur Gaming History

The Mercur gaming history goes back 50 years or more to 1957 when someone named Paul Gauselmann started the Gauselmann Group. They created slot machines and arcade games and other great activities. Today, this group has more than 8000 employees and Paul is known in Germany as an excellent businessman and one who is completely respected. Merkur, one of the companies under Gauselmann, has focused mostly on land-based amusement rides that have prizes with them. Recently, they have started to focus on multi-game systems with things like the Merkur Star, the Evolution SL and other games. Now, the company is starting to look at the online gambling world and they hope that their Merkur pokies and other games will be seen more online soon.

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Merkur Pokies

What Merkur pokies might you find at the online pokies casino? With over 150 games, you’re bound to run into some of these great choices. They have everything from simple 3 reel games to 5 reel bonus rounds and elaborate game choices. You can find a game like Triple Chance which is a simple fruit style machine game. They also have some real unusual online pokies choices with great themes. For instance, they have Reel n’Run which brings you back to the years of arcade video games. Mission for 3 offers you a chance to solver murders with a fox, an owl and a bear. These are the types of creative games you’ll find with them.

More Online Pokies Casino Fun

Merkur gaming also loves action adventure games. They like to make games that have some magic to them and include dragons, riches and other types of treasures. This includes the four reel Arcane Amulet or the five reel Brynhild in HD. There are other great titles like Gods of Midgard, Knight’s Life and others. Their games include awesome graphics, 3D animation at times, great sound effects and more.

Get ready to enjoy yourself with the games you can trust from Merkur. You’ll love their online pokies and creative games.