Mystic Secrets Pokies Casino Online Game

It’s time to unlock some of the mystic secrets of the world with the Mystic Secrets pokies casino online game. This game from Novomatic is a five reel and 10 payline game that is all about ancient history. The symbols you’ll see here include the scholar, the books, the ink and more. The game makes you feel like you’re in olden times unpacking some of the great secrets of the world – and boy are they work unpacking!

Aussie Pokies Online

As you start to play the real money online pokies game, there are so many ways to win. There are ten symbols including a scatter symbol, a bonus, a wild card and so much more. You’ll see the magician who serves as the joker in the game and will substitute for others except for the magic spell book. Spin and get ready to have a great time. You can always start out in the demo mode to get a feel for the game. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll want to go to the real money online pokies mode and have a great time playing for real.

More Real Money Online Pokies Details

Now, as you get ready to learn how to play pokies online, you should pay attention to the following. The scatter is the magic spell book and if you find yourself with three or more of them you can get to the ten free spins. You can also retrigger extra spins if you have three or more scatters during the free spins. The bonus scatter works like this in the aussie pokies online game. During the free spins section, you’ll be in for many treats. The wild becomes a really strong symbol in the bonus section and can freeze the reels and then take over the screen. It turns every free spin into a chance to have awesome wins! If you want to gamble, there is also a gamble feature. You’ll see a deck of cards and four will be seen. You can select a color and if you’re right, you’ll double that recent win of yours.

More Mystic Secrets Fun

There is something really mystical with the game. The symbols all point to a time gone by with the goblet, the magician, the ink and quill and all of the other magical and ancient symbols. It’s a game that keeps you interested no matter when you play it or how often you return. Of course, the game is available in many different formats so tha you can play the online version or you can select to use your tablet to capture the ancient world of books and studying from your ipad or ipod.

Great Play

The animation and sound here are not to be beat and the game feels other-worldy as it takes you back in time. Come and feel the atmosphere and the fun play time as you enjoy the Mystic Secrets that are there for you ready to be unpacked!