Online Sports Betting

August 27, 2018
Online Sports Betting

Great Sports Betting Fun Begins with Due Diligence

The newest regulations are helping to make online sports betting in Australia better than ever. Online sports betting Australia covers every sport Aussies love including footy, cricket, soccer, and rugby. Added to these top sports Australian punters can cast their bet on horse and greyhound racing, boxing, and even darts. Furthermore, the well-regulated online sports betting Australia market allows betting on the games and leagues popular outside of Australia.

Mobile Sports Betting

Online sports betting is getting a massive boost through mobile technology. The latest sports betting apps are so easy to download and use that punters can place their bets from wherever they are at the time. It is a well-known fact that mobile casino gaming is now more popular than desktop or laptop gaming in locations with strong mobile signals. The same is the case with regard to online sports betting in Australia.


Sports betting tournaments are a great way to get started in sports betting and, even after you develop a strong skill set in analyzing and synthesizing information, sports betting tournaments are a fun competition to participate in.

There are two great advantages to using sports betting tournaments as the gateway to sports expertise. First, the buy in fees for tournaments are usually quite small. This is in keeping with the idea that these tournaments are essentially pure fun.

The second important aspect of sports betting tournaments, especially for people new to sports betting, is that you compete against other people not against the bookmaker. By competing against other punters, you learn directly about how the sports betting public thinks.

Finally, many sports betting sites run many tournaments at the same time. They do this as a form of marketing for the vast array of sports bets they offer and also because sports bettors really like them. Sports betting tournaments are a great way to develop the knowledge you’ll need later on when you decide it’s time to place bets on matches directly.

Due Diligence

Punting on sports takes time to research the sport and the match at hand. It is far more than simply spinning a pokies game. Sports betting is more like blackjack and poker because, like those two great casino games, sports betting is the favourite betting arena for many observant and analytical punters. The analysis itself is great fun even as it can take some time.

One of the factors that may affect your wagering on sports is the simple proliferation of sports betting events. Before you place a bet on a sports event, it is a very good idea to study the sport itself, to learn enough about its nuances so that you can make a reasoned bet rather than simply guessing.

Due diligence means paying attention to all of the factors that may affect the outcome of a match. There are dozens, even hundreds of major and minor factors that go into the result of a sporting event. Some are obvious such as the relative strength “on paper” of the respective squads. Another obvious factor is the affect injuries may have on the match. Weather is the third biggest X factor. Even though weather is the same for both squads, some teams play better in inclement weather or in very hot weather than others.

Weather is often the biggest factor in punting on horse racing. Some horses simply run better on wet surfaces than do most other horses and a horse that likes to run in the mud may have a significant edge against its competition in that particular race even though it is not especially competitive on a dry racing track.

Due diligence also means finding the best odds for your bet. Each online sports betting site sets its own odds. The odds begin after the experts who work for the site set a numerical comparison between the two teams involved in the match. The odds then change as punters place their bets. So, for every sports betting event, you can get somewhat favorable or, on the other hand, unfavorable odds. By keeping abreast of the odds at various online sports betting sites, you can often get the most favorable odds for the bet you want to make.

In this area alone, mobile betting may save you a lot of money or allow you to place your bet at exactly the right time at the best online sports betting site. Staying alert to changes in odds and to news about a match allows you to be as informed about a sports event as you possible can. Remember that no one—no matter how expert he or she may be in a given sport—can be so fully informed that they get the outcome of sports events right all the time. Spike Lee is a famous American movie director. He said about one decade ago that sports are better than the movies because “sports can’t be scripted”. Because sports are so difficult to analyze and handicap we must strive to maximize our knowledge without sentimentality. That’s part of the fun of sports betting.

American Sports

In the United States, they play tennis and golf. These games are universal and any Aussie can make reasoned bets on them from the outset. However, American football is nothing like rugby or footy; American basketball is faster, stronger, and taller than basketball anywhere else in the world; American ice hockey is about as foreign as a sport can be to warm weather Australian punters; and, whilst baseball may resemble cricket, it is a much different sport.

So, whilst you can place bets on these esoteric sports we recommend that at least at the beginning of your “career” as a sports punter, you stick with the sports you know well and learn all you can about the great American sports.

Politics, Entertainment, and Finance

Sports betting sites also give you the chance to bet on entertainment industry awards competitions, political elections, and financial market performance. You may think that you already know a lot about these subjects. We urge you to apply the same due diligence regimen to these bets as you do to sports betting. The results will speak for themselves!