Blazing Star Online Pokies

Have you always wanted to blast to the past and have fun in the 1990s with pinball machines, CDs and more? Well now you can enjoy all of those things with the online pokies bonus offerings you’ll see with Blazing Star online pokies. This is a fruit ball slot machine that will make you feel like you’re back in times long gone and will allow you to have a great time with real money pokies game play.

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More Online Pokies Explanation

The Blazing Star online pokies game was first introduced in 2014. It is a really simple game that might look childish to some when they first get there – but it’s quite fun. Sometimes you want something that doesn’t include a million levels and complicated rules. You just want to dive into a simple casinos pokies online format and have a great time. And when those feelings strike you – then it’s the right time to go for the Blazing Star online pokies game. The game includes five reels and five paylines. Now, one of the great things as you play free pokies online here is that you can win with just two symbols. Typically it takes three or more symbols to win, but with this casino pokies online game it only takes two.

More Online Pokies Bonus Details

The Blazing Star online pokies game comes from Mercur, a company that has been making games for decades and really knows what they are doing. There is an autostart option with the game and you can select autostart for five to 100 automatic rounds. There are two typs of games with Blazing Star. You can activate the card game and you can increase your winnings by guessing the color of the card correctly. There is also a ladder where you’ll see amounts from zero to the most you can win. It will blink from smaller to larger and you click on the gamble mark to see if you won more or less than your stake. With the real money pokies game there is also a Partial collect button that you can select anytime during your gamble. If you press the collect half mark then you’ll save half of your amount and can continue to gamble with the other half.

Simplicity and Fun

Not every game has to have a million bells and whistles to have fun. Some games create a great atmosphere with a much simpler layout, and this is one of those games. Have a blast playing the casino pokies online game that offers you a great time in a simple way.