Choy Sun Doa online pokies

When you’re ready for an amazing Aristocrat pokies game that has a beautiful Asian theme, the Choy Sun Doa online pokies is the game for you. This game has the 243 Ways to Win set up that allows you to have so many amazing ways to win as you play. It includes the Reel Power™ technology and a five row and five column set up. It includes the 243 Ways to Win format so that you really feel like you’re winning anyway that you look at the game.

Game History

The Choy Sun Doa online pokies game was actually a land-based machine when it was first released. If you happen to find yourself in a land based casino, this game can be a lot of fun to play. It was then launched as an online game and it has continued to excite players of all sorts with the pokies online real money game. Now, with the pokies online casino game, you’ll see a theme that has to do with Chinese luck. The Chinese believe in luck in many different ways and the game includes the symbols that the Chinese see as lucky symbols. These include gold, jade and more. The graphics invite players to really delve into the game and to feel the excitement of all aspects of the pokies casino bonus fun.

Reel Power ™ game

The Choy Sun Doa online pokies game is a Reel Power ™ game which means that it has the 243 Ways to Win format rather than the individual paylines. There are more winning chances with this format and it’s a great way to play and enjoy. You don’t have to increase your stake in order to increase the chance that you have to win. And that definitely offers some great incentives. This means that it will really appeal to people who have all sorts of budgets.

The Aristocrat Pokies Payouts

The symbols in the game offer payouts for the three of a kind combinations and higher. These payouts include 100 coins for three dragons, 800 coins for gold coins, 800 coins for the jade rings, 500 for three koi fish, 300 for the money envelopes and so on. The wild symbol is the man and he can step in for others to create wins. There is also a way to gamble any win with the guessing card game. You can double your win if you guess the color right and quadruple it if you guess the suit right.

Bonus Fun

Now, with the pokies online casino game there is also the pokies casino bonus. If you have three or more of the ingot symbols then you’ll get to the free spins where there are five spin rounds that you can select among. You can have 20 free spins with a 2, 3 or 5x multiplier; 15 free spins with a 3, 5 or 8x multiplier and so on. The awesome thing here is that you have a choice. You should read about the five different choices and see which one works best for you. Also, it makes for a fresh way to play the game over and over again because you can play with one free spins set up and then play in another way for the next game!

There is something awesome for every player with the Choy Sun Doa online pokies. Come and find out about the many ways that you can play and enjoy and have a great time today!