Playing the Koi Princess Online Pokies Game

You have probably rarely enjoyed a game with this type of interesting animation. Ko Princess pokies online is an awesome animated game that is packed with great ways to play and to win. Test your luck with this cast of characters and the Japanese theme that is different and quite exciting for aussie pokies online players. The game includes five separate reels with three rows and with 20 win lines. It has as part of the pokies casino online game 4 random features, 4 bonus features, wild symbols and even a bonus bet mode. This is definitely an exciting place to be and to play!

How to Play Pokies Online Here

When you’re ready to know how to play pokies online with the Koi Princess pokies online game, you’ve come to the right place. The NetEnt game is a one-way-win game. Now, as you start out, you’ll already have a choice about playing in the bonus bet mode or the regular mode. When you activate the bonus bet mode, the cost for every spin will be doubled and the chance of having a random feature will increase as you play. Of course, the amount that you can win also increases and so does the chance for a sure win in the Sure Win Free spins section.

Wild symbols

With the real money online pokies game, you’ll see that regular wild symbols can step in for other symbols except for the bonus feature symbols. There are special wild symbols that can appear as well including expanding and random wilds and these can come up at various times during the random features and bonus features. Now, there are four random features that can appear with the pokies casino online game. Anytime during the game, you might see that the screen looks like it is shrinking and then three koi fish will suddenly appear below that screen and you’ll pick one of them. These koi might represent one of the following things: The 5 hit feature, the random wild feature, the wild reels feature or the bonus activation feature. Wow! This is a lot of exciting activity for one game. It’s certainly worth getting a look at each of these with the Koi Princess pokies online game and understanding how they work.

More Fun with Pokies Casino Online Playing

Now, when three bonus symbols appear at the same time on reels 1, 3 and 5 then one of the bonus features will activate. The bonus feature will include one of these things. It might be a sure win free spins where you’ll get 10 free spins. It could be a coin win where you get instant coin. It could be a wild reels free spin or it might be a bonus wheel.

Koi Princess Pokies Online Basics

The game is clearly one of the more intricate and detailed ones that you’ll find around. It is layered with so many ways to play and to win. It’s definitely worthwhile to try out the game in demo mode at first and to get a feel for it. You should learn about the many ways that you can win and that you can move from one level to another, and then you’ll be more prepared when you get ready for real money playing. In general terms, you’ll love the animation here as the Princess cheers you on from the sidelines with her playful animation. There are special symbols here such as the random wilds, the wild reels, the bonus and even the five hit symbols. There are so many great ways to win and you’ll enjoy it every step of the way.

Without heading to the Far East, you can enjoy an Asian themed game that has all of the trappings that you could want to play. The animation if playful and entertaining here and the features offer you so many awesome ways to play.