Purplepay Casino Banking

If you want to play awesome games at the casino of your choice, you want to play them easily and quickly. You don’t want to wait around while your pokies casino banking option is processed and while you wait to see if you’ve been approved. You want that approval quickly and easily so that you can start to enjoy your gaming experience. This is exactly what the Purplepay casino banking option allows you to do. It’s not a method that everyone knows about yet, but it’s certainly one that more people will want to learn about. The Purplepay pokies casino banking option actually supports over 80% of all MEA payment methods so that players will have all sorts of payment options. They can make deposits with the bank that is nearby, with a credit card or with the vouchers that Purplepay makes easy to use.

Getting Started with the Purplepay Casino Banking Choice

So how do you get started with this payment method? As the Australian online casino payments go, this is certainly one of the easy ones. They accept a number of methods including credit cards, bank transfers, vouchers, mobile payments and more. The vouchers are so simple to use that it’s a wonder that more people haven’t caught on to this method yet. The vouchers have a 16 digit code on them. You buy a voucher and then go to the casino site of your choice and indicate that you’re using Purplepay. You then type in your 16 digit code at the site and the site will know that you are using this voucher and will know how much money you have to work with. You can then start to play with the money from that voucher.

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Benefits with Purplepay

Of course, using a Purplepay voucher is completely anonymous which many people love. They don’t have to worry about anyone taking their identify or about if they remember their password and sign in information. As long as they have the voucher in their hand, they are ready to play and to do so completely anonymously. You can buy a voucher from a store or from an online location where it takes only a few seconds to get it. There are no hidden fees either, so if you buy a $50 voucher, you are really spending $50.

Voucher Payment

You can pay for the vouchers with a number of different payment methods. You can use a credit card, for instance, and then you’ll see it as a line item on your credit card statement just as you would see anything else. The vouchers are only good for a month, so make sure that you don’t let it expire. It’s also important to know that they are single use, so once you start to use it you need to use the entire voucher. You can’t save part of it for another time.
All of this should add up to awesome fun for anyone who wants to enjoy the easiest way to have a great time at the casino. You’ll have a hassle-free and worry-free way of playing when you enjoy using Purplepay and you can quickly and enjoyably get to the games you want to play. Find out more about Purplepay and become a purple fan today!