50 Lions Online Pokies

If you’re looking for a roaring good time and a completely exotic experience, then the 50 Lions online pokies is the place to be. Not everyone can get away to the African Safari in his lifetime. But everyone can enjoy awesome pokies online casino games with an African Safari theme. What could be more fun than to watch the lions wake up in the morning, to watch them go across the Safari to find food and to be there for all of the excitement? That’s what you’ll get with the pokies bonus game that offers you so many awesome ways to play and to win.

Aristocrat Pokies

What is the 50 Lions online pokies game all about? First of all, it’s a 50 reel pokies game. That’s right – can you imagine a 50 reel game? Now, with the pokies online casino game, you can wager on 1, 10, 20, 35 or even 50 paylines depending on your mood and your pocket full of change. Of course, if you wager more then you have more chances to win. The maximum bet is only $5, making this a great game for anyone to be able to play, enjoy and win at.

Starring the Loin at Aristocrat Pokies

The star of this game, not surprisingly, is the roaring lion. If you have a five of a king you can trigger all sorts of awesome wins. Five lions will give you 1000 coins while five zebras gives 500. Giraffes are also worth 500 if you have 5 and the African tribe gives you 400 coins for five of them. The African tree is also worth 400 coins. The lion symbol shows up on the reels stacked and it can help you to boost your winning chances. The diamond symbol is also wild, so together these can really create a roaring win for you


More Pokies Bonus Fun

There is a way to gamble your winnings as well with the 50 lions online pokies game. You can double your winnings by guessing the face down card color or quadruple your winning by guessing the suit. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll lose that win if you guess incorrectly. So it’s important to know this and to be careful up front. Now, the flower symbol is the scatter and if you have three or four of these, you’ll get a payout and trigger the bonus round where you’ll get ten free games. After you’ve enjoyed each of the free spins, you’ll get another wild symbol added to the reel to help you to win even more.

Get ready for a trip to the Safari with the awesome 50 lions online pokies game. With its vibrant orange and black colors and its amazingly vivid pictures of animals, you’ll love everything that this game has to offer for players. Don’t miss out on the fun that the pokies online casino game has to offer to you!