Sky City Casino Entertainment

There are few more reputable companies or more exciting places to play than the Sky City casino group. The Sky City Entertainment Group owns and operates casinos in New Zealand and in Australia and they are simply the #1 location to come to for all of your entertainment needs. Along with the awesome casinos that people will find with the Australia online casinos games, they also have Sky City events of all sorts. This includes great restaurants, interesting bars, awesome hotels to stay in, convention centers and more. Learn all about your choices with the Sky City and start to see why the sky is the limit for you.

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Star Casino History

The Star Casino Entertainment company started in 1996 and it expanded and expanded from that point. They first opened in Auckland in February of 1996 and now have locations in New Zealand and in Australia. It owns, as a partial list, the Adelaide Casino, Sky City Queenstown, Sky City Darwin, Sky City Hamilton, Sky City Wharf Casino and Sky City Auckland. That’s a lot of casinos and a rich history of showing players the very best every time that they want to enjoy what the casino has to offer.

Sky City Casino Australian land-based casinos

Each of the Australian land-based casinos and the New Zealand ones have their own flavor and offerings. The Adelaide casino, for instance, has 90 gaming tables and 990 gaming machines. The Auckland one is New Zealand’s largest casino and is located in Central Auckland. It has over 1600 gaming machines and over 100 gaming tables.There are also two hotels here, a convention center, a 700 seat theater and more than 20 restaurants. This certainly means that you can go to the Sky City location and enjoy yourself no matter what you want to be doing. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a bar, an event or concert or a night in a hotel, you’ll find it here. And of course you’ll find great gaming opportunities as well.

More Sky City Fun

There are more and more details for each of the Sky City casino sites and each one can offer you loads of fun. It’s important to understand and appreciate just how large these locations are and how many things they offer. This isn’t just about being able to sit down and enjoy a few games at a casino. It’s an entire enterprise where you can enjoy games, great food, concerts and other entertainment with the Sky City events and so much more. You can come and stay just for a few hours and enjoy gaming or you can make this a one week vacation and enjoy the massive amount of activities that the location has to offer.

The sky is really the limit with the offerings at the Sky City casino. There are Sky City events to be had at each of the locations; there are awesome Australian land-based casinos to explore and to enjoy. Certainly, the Australian online casinos are a great place to enjoy yourself; but if you’re able to get to the land-based casino you won’t regret the experience for one minute!