Welcome Bonus Pokies

You’ve arrived at the casino where you think you want to play and now you want to know about the many perks in store for you at the site. What can you expect from the online casino and how do you get more from your playing time? No problem. There are many great ways that the welcome bonus can help you to have even more money with which to play and to enjoy. It’s easy to understand how to use it and to start to activate yours today so that you can have even more fun with your online experience. As you start out at almost any site today, you’ll see that they offer a welcome bonus. This has become the go-to way that casino sites start to introduce you to their perks and advantages and it’s certainly a way that you’ll want to take advantage of. After all, if someone is giving you something for nothing, you’ll want to take that something and enjoy it. Right?

How the Welcome Bonus Pokies Treat Works

So how does it work when they say that they have a real money welcome bonus at the location where you want to play? The welcome bonus is essentially an amount of credits that are equal to your first deposit with the casino. This is calculated when you make that first deposit and then credited to you at the casino. The percentage changes based on which casino you are using, but it’s typical that a welcome bonus of as much as 100% and as much as 100 credits will be credited to you on your first deposit. Sometimes, there are credits as well for the second, third and even forth deposit, and the idea is that they are matching what you are depositing and allowing you to have a bit more with which to play. Every casino site wants you to come to them to play, of course. And if they can get you to sign up to be a real money member, and they offer you a sweet taste when you first play with them, then the hope is that you’ll come back to them rather than going somewhere else. And this is what the pokies online casino bonus is all about. It makes perfectly good sense and it isn’t anything to be nervous about or suspicious of.

Other Types of Welcome Bonus

You might find, however, that the welcome bonus isn’t a percentage of the first deposit, but rather something else. It can be free spins that are added, for instance, to the welcome bonus. These free spins might be given to the player to use with any game he wants to select, or it might be that the free spins go to a specific game from the casino. Another type of bonus that you might see is a free play bonus and this means that they will give you a certain number of credits and those credits then have to be used in a certain amount of time.

Getting that Welcome Bonus Pokies

So how do you get the welcome bonus pokies reward? You know what the idea is, but how do you actually get this money and ability to have the extra chance to play? There are a number of different ways that you can get the bonus. The casino might use bonus codes and you can then enter the code in the cashier part of the casino and the points will be redeemed for you. Some casinos require you to send that bonus code to the support team to cash out. Sometimes the casino will automatically redeem the points for you. Most of the time with a welcome bonus, the casino will add the extra automatically when you place your first deposit.

The bottom line is that the welcome bonus is everything that it’s cracked up to be and it’s certainly worth looking into it and redeeming those credits for whatever they allow. This is a great way to enjoy pokies online casino bonus fun and to get even more from your playing time when you first start out. Have a blast with the real money welcome bonus offered at so many of the casinos today!