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Most of us would like to see the Northern Lights at one time or another. Of course, that is a huge undertaking and not one that many people will ever actually have the chance to do. If you can’t get away to Norway or another out of the way location in the freezing cold weather to catch the Northern Lights, you can at least enjoy the Glow pokies online game. You can feel like you’ve been swept away to the beauty and the majesty of the wonder of the world without even leaving your house. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?

Aussie Pokies Online Fun

The Aurora Borealis, another name for the Northern Lights, is an incredible site to behold. Here, in the real money online pokies game, you’ll see the Northern Lights in the background to the entire game. The game is a five reel, three row game with 15 fixed paylines. You can start to play with very little money, which is really appealing to many people. Now, the wild symbol with the pokies casino online game is the bear. It can appear in the base game and also in the free spins section of the game. All of the winnings that you get as a result of the bear are worth two times the regular win. If you hit a payline with the bear, then you’ll get to the free spins. If you have two elk symbols, you can also get to the free spins.

How to Play Pokies Online

There are certainly a lot of more fun ways to play the Glow pokies online game. Now, any win line that is triggered with a wild symbol will pay out twice the amount. And in the main game, when a win is formed by wildlife symbols, you’ll get some free spins according to what the pay table shows. The bet range with the Glow aussie pokies online game really allows anyone to play and enjoy the game. This means that almost anyone can play real money online pokies with the game and can really have the opportunity to enjoy their playing experience. Whether you bet just a little bit to get in the door, or you really invest a lot, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the gaming experience.

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Play as you Desire with Glow

As with the Netent games, this game has a number of tailor made items that can really allow you to enjoy. These include the quick spin which you can switch on or off. You can turn the intro screen and the animations on or off. You can also turn the sound effects and the ambience sound on or off. You can set the graphic quality for yourself to high, medium or low and of course you can check your game history if you are playing for real money.

All of this allows you to have a great time as you play. You’ll feel like you’ve visited the Northern Lights when you finish enjoying the Glow game and you’ll start to seek out other games that have to do with travel and adventure. This is a great way to enjoy amazing parts of the world that you might never get to otherwise, and to explore them from the comfort of your own home as you play aussie pokies online.