Pirate 2 Online Pokies

Pirate was an awesome game, and now we have a sequel that will rival the fun that people already had and enjoyed with the first version. This version, Pirate 2 Online Pokies is offering a fantastic experience from Igrosoft for anyone who wants to have a blast. Igrosoft makes awesome, well-designed and quality games that offer any player an experience they will enjoy and long remember.

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Igrosoft has been making high quality pokies online bonus games since the 1990s. And while that may not seem like a long time, in the online gaming world it’s a very long time. That means that they have been offering players awesome ways to enjoy the best online pokies real money games for almost two decades of fun and excitement. The Pirate 2 Online Pokies game is understated, and yet filled with great fun. To select the lines that you are hoping to bet, you just click the button with the amount that you want and then select the lines. You can have the max bet button and the automatic start which will make the reels spin automatically.

More Pirate 2 Fun

With the pokies online bonus game, the Pirate is the wild symbol and can step in for others. It can’t take the place of the locked chest or the barrel, however, as these are the symbols that take the bonus game into action. If you have three of the chest symbols then you’ll get into the bonus round and the number of symbols that you got to the bonus with will determine the number of chests that you get during the bonus section. If the chest has just bones in it then you lose and return to the regular round. If you are lucky as you play the pokies online bonus game and the chest is full of sparkling gems, then you’ll have a win. There is a second bonus game as well with the barrels.

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Keep in mind that you can start out with the Pirate 2 Online Pokies game in demo mode. But to really have a blast and have the opportunity to win real money, you’ll want to play for real money. This is one of the best online pokies real money games, and it’s a great way to enjoy yourself when you invest real money in the game. Get ready for a sailing adventure with pirates today and have a blast playing this game!