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Celebrity Gamblers

It’s no surprise that many people round the world love to gamble. It’s a great way to release energy, to test your luck and even to put some of your skill to the challenge. And the more that you have the money with which to gamble, the more that you just might enjoy this pastime. It’s fun to think about what celebrities do with their money. Some of them buy a lot of homes, others love to buy fancy cars and some probably go on great trips. We know that some of them enjoying celebrity gambling. Here, we will feature some of those celebrity gamblers and the situations they have been in. It’s important to remember, however, that no matter how much money you have, you can still get into gambling addiction and that you need to always check yourself and see how you’re doing.

Gambling Addiction

Before we begin with the fun stories, it’s interesting to see how gambling addiction is playing out in Australia. IN 2017, there was a very unusual lawsuit launched by a former gambling addict that accused the popular poker machine, Dolphin Treasure, of deceiving players. They said that it was designed to addict users. Soon after that, the Crown Melbourne was hit with some accusation that technicians are the floor had been told to tamper with poker machines to make sure that people lost money. There is certainly room for reform within the gambling industry, but it’s also the responsibility of the individual gambler to pay attention to gambling addiction and to try to make sure it doesn’t happen for him.

Celebrity Casino Winners

Now, which celebrities love to play casino games and can be found often in that location? Ashton Kutcher is one of those. In an interview that he had with Esquire Magazine, he said that he was sent in to place sports bets by professional sports bettors who weren’t allowed to. As he explained, “So, generally these types of individuals aren’t allowed to gamble, but they know how to handicap the house. So they sent me in. I basically just placed the bet…We were clearing, like, $750,000 in four weeks of college football. It was pretty fun.”

More Celebrities

Jennifer Tilly is another actor who loves to gamble. She actually won the World Series of Poker Ladies bracelet in 2005. In another event she scooped over $150,000. She’s been on the cover of Card Player Magazine and she definitely loves to play. Another of the celebrity casino winners that you may know about is 50 Cent. He has that credo “get rich or die trying” and he certainly follows it with his gambling. He doesn’t bet with pokies or other games, however, but with boxing. He won $1 million in a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar de la Hoya. He also won $500,000 when he placed a major bet on an NFC Championship Game that took place in 2012 between the 49ers and the Giants.

Many Players

Other celebrities that enjoy playing include Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. They have both been found having some fun around the tables. Of course, keep in mind that most regular people don’t have as much money to put up as they do – so the chance of winning the massive numbers that they win becomes much less. Nevertheless, it would certainly be a fun site to be at the land based casino and to see one of these celebrity gambling experiences! They certainly play hard and win and lose hard. Something that many of us regular people can’t do, but can enjoy watching and dreaming about.

Recognizing a Gambling Problem

Anything in the world can turn into an obsession. You may love food, but if you think about it all the time and can never get enough you might have a problem. If you love shopping, but then find yourself shopping over your budget all the time, you may have a problem. The same holds true for gambling. If you enjoy gambling and can keep yourself to a budget, then you’re probably having a great time with your gaming. If, however, you think about it all the time or show some other important signs, then you may have a problem. Here are some clear-cut signs that you might have a problem and could use someone to talk to or other tools for dealing with a gambling issue.

Steps to Seeing If You Have a Gambling Problem

Certainly, there isn’t one article that is going to be able to clearly and completely tell you if you have a problem with gambling. What an article like this can do, however, is to give you some warning signs and some things to consider. You may want to think about these issues and see if they are true for you. If a few, or more than a few, are true for you, then you might have a gambling problem. You can talk to a spouse, a therapist, a friend or a colleague to see if you need to get help to deal with your problem. There are certainly ways to deal with it and to move away from the problems you may be developing.

Gambling Problems Signs

Here are some of the ways to know if you have a problem with gambling. If you find yourself lying to others about how much you gamble or when you gamble, this could be a sign of trouble. For instance, if you find yourself sneaking off to the study to gamble when you’re supposed to be folding laundry, or you hide your late night gambling from a spouse, these are the types of behaviors that could be red flags. If you spend more than you are really able to afford, or you spend more each time that you play, these are other flags. If you find yourself always thinking about gambling and having trouble concentrating on other things, this could signal a problem. Sure, we all enjoy thinking about things that are fun, but if you’re with your kids at the pool and you can’t wait to get back to the online gambling, then that’s an issue potentially. Or if you are doing something else fun, but you want to get back to gambling, this is not always a natural thing to desire.

More Signs

Let’s say that you have tried to stop gambling so much, but you find yourself having withdrawal symptoms. This is another sign that there might be an issue. This is true for people with most obsessions, so they become agitated, irritable or impatient when they cut back. Also if you find yourself gambling to forget your problems, you may have a problem. If you are really sad about something and you turn to gambling, or if you are having money issues and stress at home and you turn to gambling to forget about it, you may have a problem. Certainly, if you find yourself overborrowing from others or stealing in order to keep your gaming going, then you might have a problem.

These are just some of the warning signs that you could have a problem, or that someone else you love might have one. There is help available and it’s very important to take advantage of that help if you think that it’s necessary.